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MPS - Managed Print Service by Perry Office Plus

Managed Print Service

Printer Fleet Management Program

The easiest way to manage your printer fleet!

Simplify the way you purchase printer supplies, reduce the cost of printing,
and streamline your printer maintenance, all with a trusted, local partner.

Why Are More Companies Using MPS?

Company Executives, IT Directors, and Office Managers all appreciate Managed Print Services because it helps them...

  • Streamline printing supply ordering.
  • Get price protection on the supplies they use most.
  • Improve hardware monitoring capabilities.
  • Keep their printer fleet running smoothly with less work.
  • Eliminate work interruptions from supply outages.

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How Does PrintPlus Streamline Printer Management?

Your Perry PrintPlus manager will work to understand your printing needs, from setting printer replenishment thresholds and noting mission-critical devices, to confirming shipping details.

Then we automate the process of replenishing your printer supplies, ensuring you have the right toner at the right place and time, completely eliminating toner outages.

How Much Can I Expect to Save?

Cost savings will vary, but many customers are enjoying a 10-20% cost savings when using this program.

Your Perry PrintPlus manager will provide a quarterly review of the program and make suggestions for better printer utilization and/or replacing devices that are at the end of their economic life. This ensures you save money both in the outset of the program, and also continue to save over time.

What if I Decide to Cancel?

The typical agreement is 36 months, although we have offerings ranging from 12 to 60 months.

We believe you’ll see the cost and time savings right away, but we’ll never require more than 30 days written advanced notice to end your agreement for any reason.

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